Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Continental Carbonic offers the broadest line of dry ice blasting machines on the market and will use our years of experience to find the right equipment for your particular application.


Freeze Clean Dry Ice Blasting Equipment, exclusively from Continental Carbonic

The FREEZE CLEAN® dry ice blasting machine is the latest innovation in dry ice blasting. Specifically designed for light to medium cleaning requirements, the FREEZE CLEAN® machine is lightweight and portable which makes it easy to maneuver and easy to store. It has minimal moving parts, virtually no maintenance and has a low psi requirement. FREEZE CLEAN® is easy, efficient, less time-consuming and gentle on your equipment, machinery and tools. The FREEZE CLEAN® is priced at $2,999 subject to a one-year contract for the purchase of dry ice within Continental Carbonic's service area. The FREEZE CLEAN® is still reasonably priced at $4,999 if sold outside Continental Carbonic's service area without a one-year contract for the purchase of dry ice. The FREEZE CLEAN® is not available for sale outside of the United States and Canada.

IceTech Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

IceTech dry ice blasting machines are all single hose systems and range from the KG6 that holds 13 pounds of dry ice to the KG50 PRO that holds 110 pounds of dry ice. The KG6 and KG20 both come in battery or electrical options and are perfect for lighter cleaning applications. The KG30 PRO and KG50 PRO boast multi-touch panels, lighted or standard guns, memories for storing blasting parameters, and can perform self-diagnosis. When you combine these machines with the IT3 nozzle kits you get versatile dry ice blasting machines that can be perfect for many different cleaning applications.

IceTech KG6 Dry Ice Blasting Machine IceTech KG20 Dry Ice Blasting Machine IceTech KG30 SUPREME Dry Ice Blasting Machine IceTech KG30 PRO Dry Ice Blasting Machine IceTech KG50 PRO Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Phoenix Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Pneumatic dry ice blasting machines from Phoenix Unlimited offer ergonomic controls, safety interlocks/guards, and quick release airlocks. These are 100% pneumatic machines with low and high pressure options.

Phoenix PHX-150 Dry Ice Blasting Machine Phoenix PHX-200 Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Phoenix PHX-150 Phoenix PHX-200
Phoenix After Cooler Dryers

The Phoenix after cooler dryers are the best in the business. They cool hot air from diesel compressors or other air supplies and also separate and remove water condensation from the compressed air for a more efficient cleaning. The Phoenix after cooler dryers are mounted on a heavy duty hand truck package, making them durable and mobile.

Phoenix PAC-250 Dry Ice Blasting Machine Phoenix PHX-539 Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Phoenix PAC-250 Phoenix PAC-539


See our Safety & Technical Support area for more information on safety, training, air requirements, and owner's manuals.


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