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Continental Carbonic's Dry Ice Blasting and Blasting Dry Ice Can Help with Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up

As clean-up and restoration efforts from Hurricane Sandy's destruction continue, Continental Carbonic, one of the nation's largest distributors of dry ice blasting equipment, has dry ice blasting equipment available for rent or purchase that can assist with mold remediation, fire restoration and general cleaning. Blasting dry ice is also available through Continental Carbonic's branches, including Carlstadt, New Jersey. A complete list of Continental Carbonic's locations can be found here.

Dry ice blasting is a process where dry ice pellets are accelerated by compressed air to high speeds through special blasting machines and nozzles. The dry ice will break up and remove layers of mold, smoke residue and dirt. The benefits of dry ice blasting make it ideal for cleaning commercial real estate, transportation facilities, and parking structures that have been affected by mold, soot and other hard-to-remove contaminants from Hurricane Sandy.

"Dry ice blasting is a faster and more effective cleaning method for mold remediation and fire restoration than other cleaning methods such as manual scraping, sand or soda blasting and pressure washing," stated Kurt Rudsinski, Vice President of Blasting at Continental Carbonic, "With local branches on the East Coast, including one in Carlstadt, NJ, Continental Carbonic can mobilize needed dry ice blasting equipment within a few days and blasting dry ice immediately, assisting contractors in their cleanup and restoration efforts."

To talk to Continental Carbonic about how dry ice blasting can help with restoration or remediation projects, contact Chris Rose or Kurt Rudsinski at 217-428-2068 or email at or

Additional information about dry ice blasting and blasting dry ice can be found on the Continental Carbonic website. To learn more about dry ice blasting click here. Visit this page to learn how dry ice blasting can assist with mold remediation.