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Aircraft & Aerospace

From landing gear systems to cargo bays, dry ice blasting has proven to be an ideal solution for many cleaning applications in the aircraft and aerospace industry. Dry ice blasting is faster than most alternative cleaning methods and allows components to be cleaned without disassembling equipment. Dry ice cleaning also eliminates electrical problems typically associated with traditional cleaning methods. Plus, while dry ice blasting can be powerful enough for the toughest tasks, it does not damage delicate surfaces and requires no harsh chemicals.

Carbon Buildup

Carbon buildup on aircraft can be safely removed with dry ice blasting.Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning burnt carbon deposits, engine exhausts, wheel wells, and adhesives from floor panels of aircraft. Cleaning can be done in-place, providing significant savings in man-hours. Since the dry ice sublimates on contact, clean up is minimal and there is no exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Clean Cargo Bays

Cleaning aircraft cargo bays with dry ice blasting is fast and efficient. Dry ice blasting can reach all areas and does not need drying time or secondary cleaning or wipe down. Grease, oil and dirt are removed at the same time, without damage to electrical wires, switches and motors.

RadomesKeep aircraft radomes free of dirt and debris by dry ice blasting away contaminates.

Dry ice blast cleaning of aircraft radomes is a simple and effective way to remove paint, stencil marking and other unwanted materials from the surface without damage. Dry ice blasting can be accomplished in place or in the repair area.

Paint and decals can be removed from the hull of aircraft by dry ice blastingRemoval of Paint & Decals

Dry ice blasting is ideal for removing paint, decals, dirt and oils from landing gear and the outer hull of aircraft. Dry ice blast cleaning is fast, easy and economical, without the secondary disposal costs involved with chemical solvents.