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Maximize Your Dry Ice Blasting Experience with Proper Air Hoses and Fittings.

As you prepare to begin dry ice blasting, ensuring you have the proper air hoses and fittings will lead to a better blasting experience.  A bad hose or improper fitting can lead to poor performance or even injury. Below are several tips to make certain your dry ice blasting experience is safe and efficient. Safety  Continue Reading »

Dry Ice FAQ

We love to hear from our customers! Here are a few frequently asked questions about dry ice we hear most often: How much does dry ice cost? At Continental Carbonic, we sell dry ice block and pellets per pound – usually for $1 a pound or less. As with most products, the more dry ice  Continue Reading »

Summer is here!

Whether you have planned a road trip, fishing adventure or camping excursion this summer, dry ice can help! At around $1 per pound, dry ice is an inexpensive cooling solution to help transport food on a week-long or weekend getaway. Here are a few tips for packing with dry ice: Store dry ice and frozen/refrigerated  Continue Reading »

Dry Ice Safety

When handling dry ice, there are a few basic guidelines that should be followed for optimal safety. Dry ice should never be ingested and should be kept out of the reach of children. At -109◦ F dry ice has extreme cooling power!  Exposure to unprotected skin can leave a burn without the appropriate safety measures.   Continue Reading »

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