At Continental Carbonic we take great pride in offering our customers the best dry ice containers in the business. Our food-grade stainless steel lined insulated dry ice containers are just that.  The USDA approves of the containers we use because the stainless steel lining is safer, easy to sanitize and it doesn’t mark like the regular poly containers. The regular poly containers can get scarred on the inside after use allowing bacteria to hide in the cracks. The stainless steel liners prevent this from happening. All of our food grade customers receive their dry ice in stainless steel lined containers.

Because dry ice starts to sublimate, convert from a solid directly to a gas, as soon as it is produced,  it is important that our dry ice containers minimize sublimation. When comparing our stainless steel lined containers with all-poly containers the sublimation rate of our stainless steel lined boxes are up to 50% more effective in limiting sublimation.

Our customers appreciate the insulated stainless steel lined dry ice containers. This is what they have to say:

“We like your insulated containers better than our previous supplier. We had a lot of problem with the plastic from inside their poly container getting into our product. The stainless steel lined boxes completely eliminate that.”

Liz, Poultry Company, Minnesota

 “I have found that we no longer have to carry an additional container from time to time for safety stock as we did with our previous supplier. The amount of loss due to sublimation has dropped considerably, thus allowing us to purchase exactly what we need without having to try to factor in loss of product.

Joe, Feed Company, Indiana

 More information about our dry ice containers be found here.

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