When considering your options to either buy or make your own dry ice, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

The capital investment it takes to manufacture dry ice is substantial. You must consider the cost of equipment such as a liquid storage tank, piping, insulated storage containers, as well as the dry ice productionDry ice block press equipment itself. In addition to these initial investments, there are also the operating costs, primarily electricity, labor, and maintenance, to consider. These costs can add up quickly and can turn your money saving project into a losing proposition from a capital, time, and labor point of view.

The advantages to buying dry ice from Continental Carbonic are significant. The first is obvious: You don’t have to lay out the capital investment for all the equipment and supplies because we have already done that for you.  The second is that we take the work and the worry out of the equation. With 8 conveniently located manufacturing facilities and 32 strategically placed distribution branch locations, we have created a reliable network of production and distribution to get you the dry ice you need, when you need it. Our motto is “Delivering Excellence in Dry Ice” for a reason. We put delivering our customers the highest quality, freshest dry ice with true and honest weights at the top of our priority list. The growth we have experienced over our history can attest to our success at making this happen.

The third is that we are able to manufacture dry ice at a much more efficient rate than companies trying to make it on their own. Our Director of Sales described it as,

“Continental Carbonic’s manufacturing process allows us to recapture escaping CO2 vapor and recycle it, creating a much more efficient way to manufacture dry ice. In studies, we have documented cases where Continental Carbonic utilizes nearly a third less liquid carbon dioxide gas to yield dry ice. In short, we can make dry ice much cheaper than the average dry ice machine.”

We also have the experience and the know-how of 38 years in the dry ice business that aid us in dealing with shutdowns and equipment breakdowns that a company just starting out does not or would not anticipate.

In short, buying dry ice from Continental Carbonic can save you time, capital, and labor. Contact us today  and you will get fresh, top quality dry ice from a reliable supplier who works with you to get you want you need, when you need it.