Continental Carbonic - Your Single Source Advantage for Dry Ice BlastingAre you wondering why you should choose Continental Carbonic for your dry ice blasting needs? Well, wonder no longer: We are your single source advantage for dry ice blasting.

Continental Carbonic is the premiere U.S. supplier of high quality blasting dry ice. We also provide a top-of-the-line selection of dry ice blasting machines and after cooler dryers. We are the only company that provides both the blasting dry ice and the blasting equipment in a turnkey offering.

At Continental Carbonic, we offer not only the products listed above, but we also provide you with an experienced sales managers, who will meet with you to discuss your application, demonstrate dry ice blasting for your application, and train your staff to safely use dry ice blasting equipment. This is an invaluable service that will save you time, money, manpower and will also give you the best possible results when you dry ice blast on your own.

We also offer rental, lease-to-own, or purchase options for our dry ice blasting equipment. This allows you to try out dry ice blasting in your workplace to see if dry ice blasting will work on your application. It also allows you to use the equipment for jobs or projects that may not require the purchase of a dry ice blasting machine while also giving you the flexibility to come back to us and rent again.

A great way to determine if dry ice blasting is the right cleaning or restoration method for you is to schedule a demo with one of our sales managers.

We are here to help you improve your cleaning efficiency through dry ice blasting. Contact us today to see if dry ice blasting is the best cleaning method for you. Or click here for more information on dry ice blasting safety.