As our summer interns left us to head back to college, we remembered that one of the toughest parts of being away from home is not only missing family and friends but also Horace placing wrapped block in cooler 6the food! How many of us have gone away to college and had those cravings for tastes of home? Whether it was our favorite pizza, ice cream, or any other treat from a local or regional parlor, shop, or restaurant that we couldn’t get where we were residing – we missed it. Getting that little bit of home in the form of a care package seemed to help the transition from home to school.

Many times people come into our Decatur, IL branch to send pizzas from a locally owned pizza chain to their college students. Our New Jersey location has been known to help people send cupcakes and favorite care package items at our Chicago, IL location are famous Chicago deep dish pizzas or cheesecakes. Whatever the local favorite is, if it needs to remain frozen, we can help you with the dry ice, packaging materials, and advice you need to get your treat safely to your college student.

As we understand that these care packages will come in different shapes, sizes, weights, and varieties, we want to make sure you know how much dry ice to use in order for the contents of the care package to be just as fresh as when you sent them. You can use the chart below as a guide for how much dry ice you need for the duration of the shipping process. There is also more information about shipping with dry ice on our website here.

Come into any one of our 40 distribution locations and our branch employees will be happy to help you get the dry ice you need! Click here to find the closest location to you. Simply enter your zip code or your city and state, then click “Locate.”