This week we thought we would provide you with a reference of four daily and weekly checks you should routinely perform on your aftercooler dryer  to increase its life and performance, regardless of its make or model. Whether you are a novice or an experienced dry ice blaster, familiar with or unaccustomed to the use of aftercooler dryers, this information will help keep you up and running with minimal issues. These four simple and easy checks can help guarantee your after cooler dryer is working properly and will continue to do so for many more blasting sessions to come.

Daily Checks

There are two daily checks to complete before doing any dry ice blasting. The first is to check the oiler level to confirm it is at least half full and free of contamination, such as water. It is essential to remember you should never remove the oiler bowl while air pressure is being supplied to the machine. If you find the oil is contaminated, empty the bowl, wipe it down, and replace the oil with 10wt. air tool oil. If the oiler is low, add oil until it reaches the fill line on the bowl.
1st check the Oiler Level

The second is to check the auto drains for leaks. To do this, supply air to the machine and run your hand under each drain to feel for leaks. If you find one, cut the air supply, remove the bowl and the auto drain, and clean them. If after replacing these you still find leaks, contact your supplier for a replacement.

AC Dryer Picture 2

Weekly Checks

There are also two weekly checks you should complete to make certain your aftercooler dryer is operating at optimum performance. First check any coalescing filters to monitor the contamination level in the bowl and the quality of the filters inside and out. To do this, you must cut the air supply to the machine, remove the coalescing bowl, and wipe it clean. Then, unscrew the bottom baffle to remove the filter element, inspect it thoroughly for contamination, and confirm it has not collapsed. After you reinstall the filter and the bowl, check for leaks and you’re ready to go.

Check the coalescing filters Check the coalescing filters

The other weekly check is to blow down the heat exchanger with compressed air to remove dirt that could accumulate and hinder airflow. Make sure to blow the air parallel to the fins so as not to bend them. If there is a lot of dirt build-up, a power washer with a mild detergent can also be used on a low setting to remove the contaminant.

By making these four service checks a part of your daily and weekly routines before you start dry ice blasting, you ensure that your aftercooler dryer is operating as it should and, therefore, not causing you unanticipated delays and unsatisfactory performance.