ghostly floating bubblesDifferent types of bubbles can be created using dry ice. To create spooky crawling bubbles you will need a tall, plastic cylinder shaped vase, warm water, dry ice, food coloring and liquid dishwasher detergent. Fill the vase with warm water, food coloring and a few drops of liquid dishwasher detergent. Carefully drop a small piece of dry ice into the water and watch as the dry ice turns to gas creating colorful bubbles. The bubbles will “crawl” out of the vase and “pop” with a little cloud of carbon dioxide fog!

Did you know you can also make bubbles float? To create ghostly floating bubbles you will need a fish aquarium, dry ice, bubble solution and a bubble wand. Fill the bottom of an empty fish aquarium about an inch deep with warm water. Using cotton gloves and tongs add a few pieces of dry ice to create a fog effect. Because the carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen, the fog will “rest” at the bottom of the aquarium.

Using a bubble wand and bubble solution, blow a few bubbles into the aquarium. To everyon’s amazement the bubbles will appear to float in mid-air in the aquarium. The bubbles are really floating on a cushion of invisible carbon dioxide gas. This is a great way to set the stage for a spooky Halloween story!

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