Hot, wet and oily air from diesel compressors is the enemy of any dry ice blasting machine and the leading cause of freeze-ups. As a contract cleaner, there is nothing worse than having a blasting machine freeze-up in the middle of a job! Enter the aftercooler dryer. The purpose of an aftercooler dryer is to cool, dry and clean the hot, moist, oily air from diesel compressors, ensuring your blasting machines work at optimal efficiency.

Command Air After Cooler Dryer Quality after cooler dryers cool, dry and clean the air in three stages:

Stage 1 – the hot, moist, oily air is pulled through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger cools the air creating condensation.

Stage 2 – the air goes through a water separator to separate the condensated water from the air.

Stage 3 – the air goes through a coalescing filter that captures additional aerosolized oil and any other particulates.

Our Command Air CA-350 includes a 40 micron water separator and a 0.7 micron coalescing filter so the air you need for dry ice blasting is as cool and clean as possible without the expense of a desiccant or refrigerant dryer. Click here for more information on the Command Air CA-350.

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