What Do You Need to Set Up Your Demo to be a Success? 

The day of your dry ice blasting demo is here, our sales manager starts setting up, and something necessary is missing. This causes delays at best, and the results of the dry ice blasting demo to suffer at worst. Successful dry ice blasting demonstrations are key! This is the last thing we want to happen when we come to do a dry ice blasting demo at your facility. Our goal is to show you exactly what dry ice blasting can do in order for you to see the many advantages of this cleaning method over other, more traditional methods.

The best way to avoid the scenario above is to make sure you have and/or know the following before the date of your demo:

  • Air that meets the necessary requirements. See our air requirement checklist here.
  • Do you have plant air or do you need an electric/diesel air compressor (185 HP or higher)?
  • Air-line drops near the blasting area
  • Do you need an aftercooler dryer?
  • Proper PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Adequate ventilation

These items are imperative to getting the optimal results. We want to be able to get to your facility, set up the dry ice blasting equipment, and do the demo as efficiently as possible. If you have everything you need from the start, your demo will go off without a hitch.

Our knowledgeable sales manager will also guide you and tell you what you need, such as the best dry ice blasting machine for your specific application and whether you need a diesel air compressor and/or an aftercooler dryer once you turn in your air qualification checklist.

You must also prepare for a safe blasting environment, specifically focusing on ventilation and proper PPE. Because dry ice is made of solid CO2, which displaces oxygen when it turns into CO2 gas, it is vitally important to have adequate ventilation in the blasting area. Having the proper PPE will protect your skin while handling the blasting dry ice, your eyes from debris, and your ears from the noise of dry ice blasting.

Using this checklist beforehand will ensure a successful dry ice blasting demo, properly functioning equipment, and a safe environment in which to learn about dry ice blasting and its advantages for your company. We also recommend having several people in your facility attend the demo, including at least one decision-maker. Seeing is believing. If dry ice blasting performs better than your current cleaning method, the more people that see it the better!