As we come to the end of the 2013 fiscal year, you may find yourself with additional capital remaining in your 2013 budget and looking at new dry ice blasting equipment to add to your cleaning and sanitation programs. You can determine if new dry ice blasting equipment will be worth the investment by comparing your current cleaning method vs. dry ice blasting. To see a sample dry ice blasting ROI (return-on-investment) analysis, click here.

Before getting down to the nitty gritty calculations, several things must be considered.

  • How often will you be dry ice blasting?
  • What is your current cleaning method and how much does it cost?
  • Why are you looking for alternative methods of cleaning? Do you need to reduce your water usage in your plant? Are you tired of scraping and using solvents? Are the labor dollars needed to clean the equipment eating into your bottom line? Is cleaning your equipment causing too much down-time and in turn effecting profitability?
  • How many pieces of equipment and different applications will you be dry ice blasting? Sometimes, a dry ice blasting machine can pay for itself on one application alone or it may take several applications within your plant for a dry ice blasting machine to make sense.

Our online Savings Calculator can be found here. Our calculations assume an average of 2 lbs. of blasting dry ice per minute of dry ice blasting. As these are estimates only, contact us today if you would like assistance determining whether a new dry ice blasting machine makes sense for you.

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