How you set up your dry ice blasting machine is important and will have a large impact on how effective your dry ice blasting session will be.

The best way to prepare for dry ice blasting is to make sure you have all the pieces of the puzzle. Do you have the following things readily available at the designated blasting time?

  • Air that meets the necessary requirements. See our air requirement checklist here.
  • Air-line drops near blasting area
  • Do you need an aftercooler dryer? See our blog post here.
  • Blasting dry ice
  • Correct nozzle for your application
  • Do you have plant air or do you need an electric/diesel air compressor (185 HP or higher)?
  • Proper PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Ventilation

If you don’t have these, find them, rent them, or buy them as necessary. They are imperative to getting the desired results. If even one piece of the puzzle is missing, the dry ice blasting session will not yield the optimum results or you will be delayed until every piece is available.

The most important aspect to remember is that proper air supply and quality blasting dry ice together are the life blood of this operation. If you have one without the other, the whole process will be hindered, if not halted. Compressed air at or above the required 80 psig in combination with the appropriate type of blasting dry ice, dry ice blasting machine, and nozzle for your application will set you up to blast. However, as you know from the list above, they are not the only things you need. Depending on the dew point temperature of your air or the use of a diesel air compressor, you may need an after cooler dryer to keep moisture from clogging up the machine, causing breakdowns and delays.

Also, consider safety aspects before dry ice blasting, specifically ventilation and proper PPE. Because dry ice is made of solid CO2, which displaces oxygen, it is vitally important to have ventilation in the blasting area. Having the proper PPE will protect your skin while handling the blasting dry ice, your eyes from debris, and your ears from the noise of dry ice blasting.

By putting each piece of this dry ice blasting puzzle together, you ensure an efficient dry ice blasting session, properly functioning equipment, and a safe environment in which to work.Dry Ice Blasting Equipment