Tire manufacturing and dry ice blasting have a history that goes back to the 1980’s, when tire manufacturers became one of the early adopters of dry ice blasting technology. Looking for a cleaning alternative for their production equipment, they found a solution in dry ice blasting. Not only was it a non-abrasive cleaning method that wouldn’t damage the molds, presses, vents, and other machinery they were cleaning, but it was also significantly more cost effective than previously employed methods.

Dry ice blasting removes built-up residue and rubber from the surface of the equipment being cleaned. Over time, the vents in the tire molds get clogged and prevent them from functioning properly. This causes faults and irregularities in the tires, which then have to be thrown in the scrap pile. These vents used to be cleaned by using small drill bits to remove the extruded rubber. However, the problem with this method was the drill bits broke off in the vents and permanently clogged them. As more drill bits broke off, vents had to be replaced. Dry ice blasting eliminated this issue while making the cleaning process faster than ever.

Dry ice blast cleaning alternative is non-conductive, water- and chemical-free, and creates no secondary waste. This means no extra cleanup and cleaning can be done without any disassembly. The cost disassemble, clean, and reassemble tire-making parts and machinery was extensive and, therefore, cut significantly by eliminating two time-consuming steps in the cleaning process. As an added bonus, mold life is extended because the mold doesn’t have to be cooled to be cleaned and re-heated for use.

Dry ice blasting reduced downtime, increased production, decreased the number of scrapped tires, and lowered labor costs. With all these advantages at their disposal, tire manufacturers immediately saw the benefits and the quick return on investment of using dry ice blasting in their manufacturing facilities. From vents to presses to molds and other tire-making machinery, dry ice blasting is a versatile cleaning method and just one more reason why tire manufacturers trust and use it.

This fall, Continental Carbonic is looking forward to expanding our relationship with tire manufacturers at the International Tire Exhibition & Conference. We are exhibiting from September 9th-11 in Akron, OH at John S. Knight Center. You can find us in Booth #424. More information about the ITEC event can be found here. You can also contact us at marketing@continentalcarbonic.com with any further questions or interest you may have in dry ice blasting.Continental Carbonic will be exhibiting at ITEC in Booth #424.