We love to hear from our customers! Here are a few frequently asked questions about dry ice we hear most often:

How much does dry ice cost?

At Continental Carbonic, we sell dry ice block and pellets per pound – usually for $1 a pound or less. As with most products, the more dry ice you purchase the less expensive it is!

Where can I buy dry ice?

Continental Carbonic has 40 dry ice locations in the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. and in Ontario, Canada. To find the location nearest you, just go to our Dry Ice Locator.

How long does dry ice last?

Since dry ice is -109◦ below zero, it is continuously “melting” or more accurately sublimating from solid carbon dioxide to carbon dioxide gas.  There are many variables to how long dry ice will last including temperature and the container dry ice is stored in. If stored in an insulated container, dry ice sublimates an average of 5-10% every 24 hours.

How much dry ice do I need for shipping?

Check out our information about shipping with dry ice and find a convenient dry ice packing chart by clicking here. Remember, dry ice can be used to freeze or cool products during shipping. For freezing, simply place dry ice on top of items to be frozen. For cooling, place dry ice on the bottom of a cooler. Dry ice freezes material it contacts, so add insulated material between the bottom dry ice layer and items to be cooled so there is no direct contact with the dry ice.

Have another question about dry ice or Continental Carbonic? Check out our more detailed FAQ page here or email us at info@continentalcarbonic.com!