We are seeing these types of headlines in our newspapers more often each day. What do these headlines have to do with dry ice? Because many of our customers are in the food manufacturing and processing industries, our dry ice containers are in and out of food plants on a daily basis. It is important our dry ice containers are contaminant free when we fill them with newly made food grade dry ice, especially for our customers who count on us to provide high quality, impurity-free dry ice for food production.We sanitize all of our dry ice containers when they are returned to our plants.

One part of the food safety puzzle starts with the items that are brought into food processing plants. At Continental Carbonic, not only do we perform routine cleaning on all of our dry ice production equipment but we also thoroughly wash and sanitize our dry ice containers every time they are returned to our plants. SurfaSan, a bacterial cleaner, is used to wash and sanitize our containers to reduce viable bacterial or fungal cells. This way bacteria are not transferred from plant to plant.

By washing and sanitizing our containers, Continental Carbonic is doing its part to make sure the food our customers produce is safe. Have you asked your dry ice provider if they are washing and sanitizing the containers you get your dry ice in or the dry ice equipment being used to produce your dry ice?

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