IceTech has launched the new Evolution line dry ice blasting machines; the Elite 20 and Xtreme 40. These machines are revolutionary because they are the first multi-power dry ice blasting machines on the market. The powerful 24 V DC motors will automatically switch, without interruption, the input electricity into consistent, clean energy needed to run the Evolution line of dry ice blasting machines. This means that these machines will run efficiently on anything from 100 V up to 240 V and can be used with generators.

The stainless steel frames and modern design make these dry ice blasting machines extremely versatile in the field. The collapsible handles and full rubber wheels allow for flexible maneuverability and ease of storage. The user friendly control panel with LED notifications make operation a breeze and the lid that opens sideways to the insulated dry ice hopper allows for easy access to fill the hopper with blasting dry ice. The quick change dosing disc will reduce maintenance and downtime while the hinged doors on both sides of the machine allow for easy access.

The Elite 20 is available in both a ½” and ¾” version perfect for light to medium industrial applications. The larger, Xtreme 40 is available in both a ¾” and 1” version and also include an empty hopper operation and a reverse disc dosing function. The empty hopper operation allows the operator to drain any unused dry ice out of an exit port at the bottom of the machine. The reverse dosing disc function backs up the dosing disc by one inch to allow the operator to free any foreign objects without complete disassembly.

The new IceGun is manufactured with heavier plastic and a deadman switch on the trigger for additional safety. The lighted version has a large LED light above and below the nozzle eliminating shadowing for ultimate visibility.

Contact us today for more information about the new Evolution line of dry ice blasting equipment. With the lowest operating costs on the market combined with excellent cleaning performance for all industrial applications the Evolution Line of dry ice blasting machines present a dramatic improvement in dry ice blasting performance.