map-3-28-13-A-SFWFinding dry ice this Halloween is easy as pie! Just go to our Dry Ice Locator  enter your city and state or your zip code, press locate, and the closest Continental Carbonic location to you will generate. It will provide you with the addresses and phone numbers for the 5 nearest Continental Carbonic’s 40 distribution locations across the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. to you.

We are also offering extended Halloween hours at all locations from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Saturday, October 25th  2014. The week of Halloween all locations will be open normal business hours.

Once you find the dry ice you need it is important to review our dry ice safety information to stay safe while handling dry ice this Halloween season. You can find our dry ice safety brochure here or read our “Handling Dry Ice Safely This Halloween” blog post for extra tips.

If you need more ideas for how to use dry ice this Halloween, either to create a spooky scene or to give your decorations a little something extra, click here. There are several Halloween ideas and experiments to choose from to help make this year’s Halloween bash a success!

Happy Halloween!