Halloween and “spooky” fog go hand in hand. Whether you are using it in your jack o’ lantern, haunted house or graveyard, dry ice fog is the perfect touch to any Halloween decoration. Creating the fog effect is simple and fun!
What you will need:

• Dry ice – located here
• Tongs or gloves (to safely handle the dry ice)
• Hot water
• A large container

The first step to making fog with dry ice is adding hot water into a large container. Using tongs or gloved hands begin adding dry ice into the hot water. Remember dry ice is extremely cold and can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with skin. The hotter the water the more fog you will create but you will also use more dry ice doing so. For this specific effect you will need approximately 1 pound of dry ice per 2-3 minutes of fog.

While it is fun to play in the fog created by the dry ice remember to keep it in a well ventilated area. As dry ice sublimates and gives off the fog effect it is releasing carbon dioxide gas in to the air and displacing the oxygen.