The short answer is because you want to complete your project on time, with no hassle or down time. Wet air will freeze up your dosing system when it comes in contact with the -109°F dry ice, and dirty air will clog up the components of your dry ice blasting machine and could contaminate the very items you are trying to clean.

Command Air CA-350 After Cooler DryerOne of the first things you can do to ensure your project runs smoothly is to look at the air requirements for dry ice blasting on our website. We make this easy with some basic information and an air qualification checklist that can be downloaded, filled out and forwarded to one of our field experts if needed. These resources will help you confirm you have the proper quantity and quality of air for a successful dry ice blasting experience.  You must consider the pressure, flow and dryness of the air available to you, as well as the type, distance and inside diameter of the air hookup in order to accomplish this. Without the appropriate amount of volume, pressure and air quality, you will experience freeze-ups, delays and less than desirable results from your cleaning. However, if you complete the air qualification checklist ahead of time and give it to the sales manager assigned to you, he can help you figure out what additional equipment you may need and ensure your dry ice blasting project goes seamlessly.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you need an additional air compressor. Do you have enough volume and pressure to keep your equipment running at the proper level while you dry ice blast using your plant air or existing compressor? If your pressure is going to drop significantly enough that you cannot run your own equipment simultaneously, then you should consider an additional air compressor to make up for the loss in available air.

Dry air is essential for dry ice blasting. If the air you plan to dry ice blast with tends to have a high moisture content or if you plan to use a portable diesel air compressor, please look into renting or buying an after cooler dryer. You can find our selection of portable after cooler dryers here. These help reduce the temperature of the air, the amount of moisture buildup and filter out contaminates to prevent freeze-ups and dry ice blasting machine damages that cause delays.

By making sure you not only have the proper blasting equipment and blasting ice, but also the air quality, volume and pressure you need to clean your equipment, you set yourself up for the results you want, need and expect from your dry ice blasting project. Going through this information with our sales manager before your planned project will prevent down time and allow you to reap optimum results. Contact us today with any questions about proper air requirements for dry ice blasting.