We have a checklist for preparing for a holiday shut down cleaning with dry ice blasting. Good preparation can mean the difference between a productive shut down and one that wastes your company’s time and money.

1. Order dry ice blasting equipment early.

Rental dry ice blasting equipment goes fast, especially during the holiday shut down season. Speaking with your sales manager and returning rental agreements early give you a better chance of getting the specific equipment you request. If you need a pneumatic machine vs. an electrical machine or if you need specific nozzles or extensions, it is important to order early.

2. Order blasting dry ice.

In the words of Bryan Fischer, our Michigan area sales manager, “Don’t play it tight on the blasting ice.” Order extra blasting dry ice to ensure you have enough to complete the cleaning you have scheduled. You can always do general plant maintenance with the extra blasting dry ice. Running out of blasting dry ice in the middle of your shut down can be an expensive learning experience.

We also recommend ordering the blasting dry ice early. One way to save money is to be flexible on your delivery date for the blasting dry ice. If the blasting dry ice can be delivered on one of our scheduled routes, the delivery fees will be less expensive than a special, off route delivery.

3. Plan ahead.

Check the air lines in your plant to ensure they are at least 3/4″. Choose the air lines you are going to use and plan how much blast hose and air hose you will require to clean efficiently.

4. Prioritize you cleaning agenda.

Think about what areas in your plant require cleaning and prioritize them according to importance. Having a plan in place before the day of shut down can ensure an effective use of the dry ice blasting equipment and help in calculating how much dry ice you should order.

5. Use seasoned dry ice blasting operators, if possible.

Properly trained personnel are essential for an effective shut down. They are more likely to utilize your dry ice blasting equipment properly and are more likely to maximize the life of your blasting dry ice. For tips on maximizing the life of blasting dry ice, see our previous blog post here.

As your Single Source Supplier, we also offer training for our dry ice blasting customers. Speak to your sales manager if a refresher course is required or if you have new personnel who will be performing the blast cleaning in your plant.

Following these guidelines can prepare you for a productive and effective shut down.

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