Dry Ice BlastingEach week our Continental Carbonic sales managers are out in the field, conducting live dry ice blasting demonstrations for companies. We track these “demos” and wanted to share some recent successful applications for dry ice blasting with you.

In just the past few weeks, companies we’ve found with successful dry ice blasting applications include:

  • Pet Food – cleaning dried pet food off of production equipment, including coating equipment.
  • Printing and packaging – removing caked on ink from anilox rollers.
  • Transit rail cars – eliminating build up off of electrical components.
  • Injection molding – cleaning steel-vented molds.

Our sales managers have extensive experience and many times they can tell you over the phone if dry ice blasting is the right cleaning process for your application. And if it’s not, they’ll tell you that as well. So if you’ve heard about dry ice blasting and are curious if it will help your company save money and improve cleaning, check out some of our most common applications here or just contact us by filling out an inquiry form here.