Dry ice fog is a key element in creating just the right creepy atmosphere for your haunted house. Whether you have a graveyard filled with fog, a mad scientist cooking up his latest concoction, or just want to add an eerie feel to a dimly lit room filled with surprises lurking around every corner, dry ice fog will help you set the mood to be spooked!

What You NeedS

  • A large container
  • Hot water
  • Dry ice, which can be purchased at any one of our 40 distribution locations here.
  • Tongs or gloves to handle the dry ice safely

Creating dry ice fog isn’t hard at all. First, fill up your large container half-way with hot water. Then, use the tongs or gloves to place the dry ice in the container filled with hot water. The container will immediately start to produce the fog, but keep in mind – the hotter the water, the more fog produced, the faster the dry ice will sublimate (or turn from a solid into the fog you see emerging from the container).

A good rule of thumb is to use 1 lb. of dry ice for every 2-3 minutes of fog you want to create. The best way to keep your fog from growing thin and disappearing is to designate a “Fog Maker.” This person will be in charge of refilling your container with hot water and dry ice because as the water cools, it won’t make as much fog as quickly. The dry ice will also be sublimating and disappearing into the air as your fog and should therefore be replenished every 5 -10 minutes. Being the Fog Maker, may not be an easy job due to the amount of running for hot water and dry ice, but it’s an important one at any haunted house!

It is important for the people handling the dry ice to do so safely. Everyone working in your haunted house should read through our information on “Safe Handling of Dry Ice”. You should also make sure that the room(s) where the dry ice fog will be created are well ventilated with opened windows or fans.

Happy Haunting!