Ensuring customers receive maximum value from their blasting dry ice order is of critical importance to Continental Carbonic. Customers who are new to dry ice blasting often have questions about how to best store and use their dry ice to reduce sublimation and ensure the safety of their employees. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). Instead of melting, dry ice converts or “sublimates” directly from a solid to carbon dioxide gas. To reduce the sublimation rate of your dry ice, be sure to employ best practices when ordering and storing blasting dry ice. Important tips to remember include:

  • Order your dry ice to arrive as close as possible to the time you will actually need it.
  • Store the dry ice inside or, if that is not possible, store out of direct sunlight.
  • Ensure the plastic liner is closed over the dry ice and keep the container lid closed.
  • Secure the container latch.

Continental Carbonic’s dry ice storage containers are the best insulated containers in the industry. To learn more about our containers, click here.

blasting dry ice in HR-11     Blasting dry ice - replace the plastic and close lid when not dry ice blasting.

Replace the cardboard on top of the plastic and shut the lid when not dry ice blasting.      Blasting dry ice - close the lid when not blasting