KG30 Supreme - new dry ice blasting machineIs your plant ready for a new dry ice blasting machine? How do you know? At Continental Carbonic, we have been successful in showing our customers a significant savings in air and blasting dry ice simply by using the newest generation of dry ice blasting equipment.

The number of pounds of blasting dry ice you blast with per minute can be a source of significant savings. Different applications require different pounds per minute for optimal dry ice blasting. Inexperienced operators may dry ice blast at 4 or 5 pounds per minute simply because they think ‘more is better.’ This is not always true and costs you money. Typically, our IceTech equipment consumes anywhere between 1 to 2 pounds of blasting dry ice per minute to get the same or better clean than other dry ice blasting equipment using 3 to 4 pounds of blasting dry ice per minute.

Plant air compressors account for a significant amount of electricity a manufacturing plant uses. Therefore, managing the amount of air consumption a maintenance department uses while operating dry ice blasting equipment can be a hidden source of savings. We have seen plants that cannot stay in production while maintaining other production lines because their older model dry ice blasting machine consumed too much air, therefore, hurting their productivity. With proper dry ice blasting machine set-up and nozzle configuration, the amount of CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) consumed during blast cleaning can often be reduced.

At Continental Carbonic, we have dry ice blasting equipment for every application and every level of capital investment. Contact us today to see if new dry ice blasting equipment will clean faster and more efficiently while using less blasting dry ice and air. For help on calculating whether or not you will realize a return-on-investment on a dry ice blasting system click here to use our Savings Calculator.