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Dry Ice and Hunting Season

Hunting-resizedGuns, bows and camo! Hunting season is right around the corner. Whether you hunt small or large game, the way you field dress, handle and store the game meat makes the difference between spoiled and fresh.

Harvesting meat properly after a kill will help make it safe to cook and eat once you get it home.  Salmonella and E. coli are types of bacteria that can cause severe illness. They both occur naturally in the gut of animals, therefore, can be found in or on wild game in the field. If possible, avoid puncturing the intestines of wild game to lessen the infection risk. Also, by wearing gloves, using clean water and soap to clean knives and cooling wild game properly in the field can go a long way to protecting the harvested meat.

Placing wild game in a cooler with traditional wet ice will help keep it cold for a while but that ice will melt and leave the meat in jeopardy of warming and possibly sitting in dirty water. A better alternative is dry ice. Because dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) is -109o F it will rapidly freeze the meat in the field. The dry ice will sublimate, or turn from a solid directly into a gas. Because it skips the liquid phase, it will leave the wild game meat frozen and dry. You can buy dry ice in solid block, cut block or pellets allowing you to cover the wild game completely. For a list of Continental Carbonic locations where dry ice can be purchased, please click here.

How do you use dry ice in the field?

The easiest way to use dry ice to keep your wild game at a safe temperature while hunting is to bring a cooler filled with the type of dry ice you prefer and some large plastic bags with a secure zip on them. When choosing whether to use solid block, cut block or pellet, consider the sublimation rate (the rate in which the dry ice changes from a solid to a gas). Forms of dry ice with more surface area like pellet can be spread over a wider area and tend to cool more quickly than a solid block. Solid block, however, last longer since there is less surface area per pound exposed to air. If you need longer staying power, the block form of dry ice is recommended.

After your kill, proceed to skin and clean the wild game as you normally would. Again, using gloves and using clean water and soap available will help keep minimize the risk of contamination. Place the wild game in the large plastic bags, then place them into the cooler of dry ice.

When using dry ice in the field it is important to know all the safety precautions. Be sure to always wear gloves while handling dry ice and be sure it never touches your bare skin as it can cause burns. Be aware that dry ice is constantly sublimating, turning from a solid to a gas. Therefore, do not place dry ice in airtight containers. For additional safety considerations, please see our Safety Precautions that can be found here.

Evolution Line of Dry Ice Blasting Machines are here!

IceTech has launched the new Evolution line dry ice blasting machines; the Elite 20 and Xtreme 40. These machines are revolutionary because they are the first multi-power dry ice blasting machines on the market. The powerful 24 V DC motors will automatically switch, without interruption, the input electricity into consistent, clean energy needed to run the Evolution line of dry ice blasting machines. This means that these machines will run efficiently on anything from 100 V up to 240 V and can be used with generators.

The stainless steel frames and modern design make these dry ice blasting machines extremely versatile in the field. The collapsible handles and full rubber wheels allow for flexible maneuverability and ease of storage. The user friendly control panel with LED notifications make operation a breeze and the lid that opens sideways to the insulated dry ice hopper allows for easy access to fill the hopper with blasting dry ice. The quick change dosing disc will reduce maintenance and downtime while the hinged doors on both sides of the machine allow for easy access.

The Elite 20 is available in both a ½” and ¾” version perfect for light to medium industrial applications. The larger, Xtreme 40 is available in both a ¾” and 1” version and also include an empty hopper operation and a reverse disc dosing function. The empty hopper operation allows the operator to drain any unused dry ice out of an exit port at the bottom of the machine. The reverse dosing disc function backs up the dosing disc by one inch to allow the operator to free any foreign objects without complete disassembly.

The new IceGun is manufactured with heavier plastic and a deadman switch on the trigger for additional safety. The lighted version has a large LED light above and below the nozzle eliminating shadowing for ultimate visibility.

Contact us today for more information about the new Evolution line of dry ice blasting equipment. With the lowest operating costs on the market combined with excellent cleaning performance for all industrial applications the Evolution Line of dry ice blasting machines present a dramatic improvement in dry ice blasting performance.


Come see us at the Great American Truck show in August!

Every August truck drivers, and companies competing for their services, travel from all across the country and take over the Kay Bailey Truck with MaryHutchison Convention Center in Dallas for the Great American Truck Show (GATS).

The Great American Truck Show is an annual trucking convention with over 500,000 feet of exhibit space and over 100 exhibiting companies. Whether you are a supplier to the trucking industry or a truck driver looking for employment, this is the trucking convention to be at. Many exciting events are scheduled for this year’s convention including Overdrive’s Pride and Polish Truck Beauty Competition, Smartsession Educational Seminars and the Commercial Vehicle Outlook.

This year, Continental Carbonic will be exhibiting in Booth #8008 hoping to speak with over-the-road truck drivers. Our recruiter, Kyra, will be available to speak with potential candidates in person to help initiate the initial application process. We will be offering many openings in various locations across the United States including regional and over-the-road driving jobs.  Qualifications to drive for us include; a minimum of 1 year recent over-the -road experience, a current CDL-A, no accidents or tickets within the last year and a strong commitment to safety.

The convention is held in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, formerly known as the Dallas Convention Center, located at 650 S. Griffin Street Dallas, TX 75202.  The shows hours are from noon -5 PM on Thursday August 27th and again 10 AM – 5 PM on Friday and Saturday, August the 28th & 29th, 2015.

Tickets to this convention are FREE when your pre-order online or you can pay a $10.00 admission fee at the gate.  To register and pre-order your free tickets visit here.

Enjoy the convention and don’t forget to stop by Booth #8008 in the Recruiting Pavilion to speak with our Recruiter. Or, if you can’t make the show, don’t forget to join our talent network to get updates on open positions with Continental Carbonic!

Hot Weather Operation of Dry Ice Blasting Machines

In the middle of summer, hot weather presents special challenges for dry ice blasting. The two main challenges for dry ice blasting in hot weather are protecting the integrity of your blasting dry ice and cooling the air used to dry ice blast.

Dry ice has a few enemies: heat, moisture and air movement. In warmer weather you need to pay special attention to protecting the quality of 02-Boxes 072your blasting dry ice by following a few simple steps.

  1. Do not unwrap or open the insulated containers until you are ready to use them.
  2. Store your blasting dry ice insulated containers out of direct sunlight and wind.
  3. For added protection, cover the full insulated containers with a blanket, if possible.
  4. After opening the insulated containers to remove blasting dry ice, refold the plastic liner, replace the cardboard topper, close and fasten the lid.
  5. In high heat situations you may want to consider taking two deliveries a week instead of one.

For additional information click to our blog post, “Maximize your blasting dry ice performance!”.

Manufacturers of dry ice blasting machines do not address the added challenge of dry ice blasting in the heat. The only specification they highlight is the inlet temperature and dew point of the blast pressure air.

The Cold Jet manual recommends that you cool and dry your blasting inlet air to a dew point of -40 degrees F for continuous operation. The Phoenix manual recommends the dew point not exceed +40 degrees F. Either specification is difficult when it is 90 degrees F outside and a well running and properly serviced diesel portable air compressor raises the temperature of the air approximately 100 additional degrees F. This is where a properly running and set up after cooler dryer comes in.

An after cooler dryer can be permanently attached to your plant air system or you can use a portable after cooler dryer and place it between the air source and the inlet of the dry ice blasting machine. Either one will work. What is important is that you drop the temperature of the air sufficiently enough that the moisture condensates easily in the heat exchanger and is pulled out of the air stream by the water separator. Additionally, you should have a coalescing filter after the water separator to remove any aerosolized oils and other contaminates not removed from the air stream by the water separator. Doing this will provide you a clean, dry air stream to carry your dry ice blasting pellets to the target and will avoid freeze ups in your dry ice blasting machine’s dosing mechanism.

Additional information about the after cooler dryers can be found here. Or, Contact Us today for rental or purchase options for Command Air After Cooler Dryers.

Cryogenic or Freeze Branding Livestock with Dry Ice

What is freeze branding?  Freeze branding is a branding technique that changes the color of an animals’ hair by using a freezing-cold branding iron to kill the cells that produce color pigment.

Freeze branding is increasing in popularity across the US.  A to Z Feeders, a family owned and operated feedlot in Iowa, took some time to answer a few questions we had about freeze branding. They told us they have been freeze branding for 6 years.  They stated that a few benefits from this method of branding are; “being able to identify your animals even if they lose their ear tag identification and identifying stolen cattle. In addition, freeze branding seems to be less painful to the animal.”

What you’ll need:A to Z Feeders

  • Head gate or holding chute
  • Dry Ice
  • Alcohol (must be 99% grade)
  • Clippers
  • Gloves
  • Something to watch the time (stop watch, clock, phone)
  • Branding Iron (Brass is preferred)
  • A well-insulated bucket (large enough to hold the branding irons)

The process of freeze branding is simple.  First, you make your cryo-fluid coolant.  To do this you will need to place both the 99% alcohol and dry ice into the well-insulated bucket. Then, lower the branding iron down into the mixture to chill. Make sure the mixture is completely covering the branding iron, and the mixture will begin to bubble. Once most of the bubbles dissipate the branding iron is ready for use.

After you have your cryo-fluid coolant ready to go the next step is to prepare the animal.  To begin, the animal should be properly restrained.  Then, the brand site should be clipped, making sure all the dirt and loose hair are removed. Finally, clean the area with room-temperature alcohol.

Once the animal has been properly prepared you are ready to begin freeze branding. Remove the branding iron from the cryo-fluid coolant and place firmly on the brand site. Branding time differs between animals. For instance, dark animals take less time than lighter animals to brand. Calves and cows take approximately 40 – 60 seconds to freeze brand, however, colts and horses only take approximately 16-24 seconds. Once you have firmly pressed the branding iron onto the branding site for the allotted time you will notice a frozen indention in the animals hide.  After 10 minutes you will start to see swelling at the brand site. This swelling will disappear within a few days and white hair growth will begin at approximately the 2 month mark.

Find a list of all the Continental Carbonic locations here for all of your cryogenic or freeze branding needs.

Drive for Continental Carbonic – Come see us at our upcoming recruiting events!

As with most of the nation, Continental Carbonic is looking for Over-The-Road truck drivers.Kyra-7-7-14

Whether you choose to drive solo or with a team – we are looking for you!

  • We require one year of previous experience
  • Tanker and Haz-Mat is always a plus but is not a requirement
  • Leading compensation for mileage pay, detention pay and maintenance detention pay
  • Sign-On Bonus and Safety Bonuses
  • Safety is the Number One Priority – leading technology in place
  • Benefits include PPO Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K with company match, Life Insurance
  • Private fleet that includes newer Penske Freightliner Cascadia Tractors

Want to speak with Kyra our recruiter? We will be at the following recruitment events across the nation:

Driver Recruitment Event – Clark, NJ      June 6, 2015 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Event location: Holiday Inn – Clark, NJ | 36 Valley Road | Clark, NJ 07066

Driver Recruitment Event – Chicago, IL July 11, 2015 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Event location: Tinley Park Convention Center | 18451 Convention Center Dr. | Tinley Park, IL 60477

Driver Recruitment Event – Indianapolis, IN       August 8, 2015 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Event location: Caribbean Cove Hotel and Conference Center | 3850 Depauw Blvd | Indianapolis, IN 46268

Pre-Register Here! Or, call Jason Tony at 1-888-623-7110 x104

The Great American Truck Show (GATS) – Recruitment Pavilion Booth #8008     August 27-29, 2015

Event location: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (Previously named the Dallas Convention Center)

650 S Griffin Street | Dallas, TX 75202

Need tickets for the show? If you pre-order online they are free but if you pay at the gate admission is $10.00.

More information about the show can be found here.

Don’t want to wait to speak with Kyra Harvey, the Continental Carbonic Recruiter? Contact her today at, 1-855-ICE-DRIV (1-855-423-3748) or click here to join our Talent Network!

Using an IceSplitter with IceTech Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Have you purchased or rented an IceTech IT-3 kit but wondered what some of the items were used for? One such item may have been the IceTech IceSplitter. There are some dry ice blasting applications that net better results with more impacts per square inch of a smaller dry ice pellet than our standard 3mm high density blasting pellet provides. For applications such as these, the use of an IceTech IceSplitter creates salt-like textured pellets of multiple sizes to optimize your results. The size of the salt-like granule can be changed by selecting the desired size Splitternet. The Splitternets range in size from 1.0mm to 3.0mm in half millimeter increments.


The red arrow is pointing to the IceSplitter in this High Flow IT-3 kit of nozzles.

Typically, the IceSplitter is used in between the Ice Gun and the nozzle but can be used as an in-line splitter between blast hose lengths when working in tight spaces. The combination of nozzles, extensions and configurations are practically endless and are all adaptable to your specific applications and blasting environment.

There are many applications best suited to using split pellet. Fire and mold remediation are two areas where split pellet work especially well. Any seasoned contractor can contend that using full size pellets on wood can dimple and damage the wood you are trying to save. By using split pellet, the contractor can remove only the top layer of damaged wood, saving the wooden structure from ruin. Weld slag dust, wiring harnesses, release agents and common dirt, greases and oils are all some of the many applications that work best with split pellet.

Another positive of using split pellet is your dry ice consumption goes down drastically, saving you money on your blasting projects. By splitting the pellet into smaller fragments, you get more impacts per square inch per second than you do with full size pellets at the same ice feed rate. We often find that you get a better cleaning rate with less than half the pounds per minute when you use the IceSplitter.

Contact us if you think you could get better results using an ice splitter for your application.



Science Fair Project: Dry Ice Bubble Experiment

In the spring many schools around the country are conducting science fairs to help children learn time management skills and see practical applications to relevant questions. From building water rockets to balloons that won’t pop or finding out how much sugar is in a can of soda, science fairs offer a great learning experience for our next generation of scientists.

Dry ice lends itself to several great science experiments including boo bubbles, blowing up balloons and making a spoon sing. Tyler from Latrobe, PA decided to do his spring science fair experiment to make a dry ice bubble. Tyler’s question was, “Which soap will make the biggest bubble?” Using Dawn dish soap, All laundry detergent and ordinary hand soap, Tyler hypothesized that using Dawn would make the largest bubble.

To create a dry ice bubble similar to Tyler’s experiment, you will need the following materials:

  • Dry ice pellets
  • Large bowl with a “lip” around the top edge
  • Warm water
  • Small cup for soap mixture
  • Shoe string
  • Liquid soap
  • Tongs
  • Gloves
  • Towels/paper towels
  • Safety Glasses

In each small cup, mix 2 tablespoons of soap with 2 tablespoons of water and place a shoe string inside to soak. Fill the large bowl half full with warm water. When ready to begin, dunk your finger in the first soapy mixture and run it around the lip of the bowl. Wearing gloves and using tongs, place several dry ice pellets in the water. Quickly, take the shoe string and drag it across the top of the bowl to form a seal to trap the sublimating carbon dioxide gas, creating a bubble.

Do this again with the other types of soap to see if you get different results. Was Tyler correct with his hypothesis? Maybe you have other types of soap you want to try. And, to take it a step further you can “grow” bubbles by adding some of your soap solution to the bowl of dry ice and water. See how high you can grow the bubbles!

Please be safe when handling dry ice. Click here for our dry ice safe handling tips.

Good luck to Tyler with his science fair project and Thank You for using Continental Carbonic dry ice!

shoe string applied     Bubble ready to popBubble popped

40th Dry Ice Distribution Branch Opened in Allentown, PA

AllentownContinental Carbonic Products, Inc. announces the opening of a full service branch warehouse in the Allentown, PA area. The branch is the 40th distribution facility for Continental Carbonic and further expands the company’s footprint on the east coast.

The Allentown location will be the third branch located in Pennsylvania allowing us to better serve commercial customers in the meat processing, food distribution, pharmaceutical shipping and other industries requiring a regular dry ice requirement.  In addition to servicing the needs of all dry ice consumers large and small, Continental Carbonic is also the nation’s largest single source advantage for dry ice blasting. We distribute dry ice blasting equipment, training, technical support and produce the high quality blasting dry ice for companies using dry ice blasting as an industrial cleaning method.

Continental Carbonic will be using a temporary space located at 57 South Commerce Way, Suite 300, Bethlehem, PA  18017 until their new warehouse is ready.

The permanent Allentown area warehouse will be located at:

7355 William Avenue, Suite 700

Allentown, PA  18106

We can be reached at our temporary phone number 610-533-0403 until our permanent phone lines are installed.

The location opened for business on April 6th. We provide the highest quality dry ice to commercial customers via both pick-up and delivery. The branch hours for retail and walk-in service are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Giving Thanks, from Continental Carbonic

This Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to say Thank You!

Thank You to our Employees

We are thankful for all of our dedicated employees who work tirelessly and safely to make sure we can sell, produce and distribute dry ice, liquid CO2 and dry ice blasting equipment to our customers.  We are also thankful for all of our drivers, whether they be branch based or over-the-road, making sure dry ice and liquid CO2 is delivered in a safe, timely manner.

Thank You to our Suppliers

We are thankful for all of our suppliers, for we rely on you to keep our plants running and our product distribution seamless.

And, of course, Thank You to our Customers – We are thankful for all of our loyal customers. We value the trust you place in us to make sure you get the dry ice, liquid CO2 and dry ice blasting equipment you need for your production, shipping and cleaning needs. We truly appreciate you!

From all of us at Continental Carbonic, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!