‘Tis the time of year to send your loved ones holiday cheer! People frequently ship local specialties like Cincinnati’s chili, Chicago’s deep dish pizza or Texas BBQ to family members in other states. Continental Carbonic can help you ship your local favorites using dry ice to keep your items frozen during transit.

When using ground shipping services such as UPS or Fed Ex, we usually recommend 10 lbs. of dry ice for every 24 hours of shipping time. Remember, because dry ice is constantly sublimating it is important to start the clock from the time you ship your item, not from when you purchase your dry ice. With that said, it is best to ship overnight or 1 day to ensure your items arrive at their destination still frozen.

Things to remember when shipping with dry ice:

  • Gas venting – Only use packages such as Styrofoam coolers that allow the CO2 to escape from the package. Never put dry ice in an airtight container, as it will cause the container to expand and possibly explode.
  • Package Integrity – Do not use plastics that can become brittle due to the temperature of dry ice. All packaging must have the ability to withstand the loading and unloading process.
  • Proper Labeling – Be sure to check with your carrier for proper labeling instructions.
  • Proper Handling – Gloves should always be used when handling dry ice. (Click here for our dry ice safe handling brochure.)
  • Proper Amount of Dry Ice – We recommend 10lbs. of dry ice for every 24 hours of shipping time. See our Dry Ice Frozen Food Packing Chart for additional information.
  • If shipping via air – there is a 5 lb. limit for all shipments using dry ice.

Please feel free to bring your items to ship into one of our branch locations. All of our branches carry several different sizes of Styrofoam coolers and the dry ice required to package your shipment effectively and safely. Please use our dry ice locator to find the Continental Carbonic branch location nearest you or click here to visit our website to learn more about shipping with dry ice.

Happy Holidays!