2x10x10-bmir-228-sfwHave you ever wondered why shipping with dry ice is preferred over frozen gel packs? The first question that should be asked is, “Do you want your product cooled or do you want your product hard-frozen?” If you only need your product chilled, but not frozen, utilizing dry ice may not be the best solution. However, if you need your product to be completely frozen when it arrives at its destination, dry ice is your answer.

Many popular gift shippers will choose to utilize dry ice for their shipping needs because:

  • Typically, dry ice will keep products frozen longer than gel packs.
  • Dry ice is safer for the environment. Dry ice is made from recycled CO2 and does not add to the greenhouse effect.
  • Because dry ice turns into CO2 gas and not water, there is no secondary waste.
  • Dry ice can be more cost effective.

By choosing to use dry ice you don’t have to worry about re-using the gel packs or having them shipped back to you for re-use. You save labor and shipping dollars by not having to handle the gel packs repeatedly.

If you choose to utilize dry ice rather than frozen gel packs, please remember safe handling procedures. Click here for our dry ice safe handling brochure. For more information about why to choose Continental Carbonic dry ice click here. Use our Dry Ice Locator to find our nearest branch location or contact us directly to have a sales manager contact you about switching to dry ice.