Using the proper technique while dry ice blasting is important for getting the optimum results. When the proper technique is employed, you save time, avoid repetitious cleaning, and clean more effectively. It is important to remember while dry ice blast cleaning can vastly improve the time it takes to clean and the results you get compared with manually cleaning; it needs to be performed correctly to get the desired results.

Your goal when dry ice blasting is for the blasting dry ice pellet to explode between the contaminant and the surface of the target to lift the contaminant, leaving a clean surface as can be seen in our “Back to the Basics” blog post. You can’t do this effectively if you’re not using the proper technique.

Consider the following tips to effectively dry ice blast:

  • Keep the angle of the nozzle consistent for the duration of your blasting session.
  • Limit the overlap of the nozzle swath to maximize the use of blasting dry ice and minimize cleaning time.
  • Typically make the sweeps of your nozzle move from top to bottom.
  • Find an effective speed for sweeping the nozzle as you dry ice blast. Going too fast may  cause a spotty result while going to slow will get the target clean but will also spend unnecessary time and dry ice.
  • The correct distance between the nozzle and the target should be between 2-6 inches.
  • Avoid 45-90 degree bends or kinks in the blast hose and do not allow the hose to lie on hot dies or molds to extend the life of the blast hose and prevent electrical issues and shorts in the control cables.Dry Ice Blasting in action - Technique Matters!

Two common mistakes made while dry ice blasting are paying too little attention to how and what direction you are blasting. This could lead you to contaminate something in the blasting area or re-contaminating an area that has already been cleaned. If you have questions or concerns about your dry ice blasting technique, contact us here or email us at and we will put you in contact with one of our knowledgeable sales managers.

By employing these techniques and being mindful of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, you will increase the efficiency of dry ice blasting sessions, save on labor costs, and avoid having to repeat the process by doing it right the first time.