Warm weather will soon be upon us and so will the creatures that come crawling with it! It’s almost the time for mowing lawns, landscaping, and ridding your yards, greens, and fairways of moles and gophers. We know these pests can ruin your perfectly groomed lawn and we know you want to go back to the days before their hills and holes spotted your yard.Using dry ice to get rid of moles and gophers.

We are here to tell there is no need for extreme measures or anything toxic that would endanger your employees, children, or pets. All you need is some dry ice pellets! Here’s what you do:

First, look here to find the closest Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. location to you. Then, drop by to purchase some dry ice pellets. Once you get back to your mole and/or gopher infested yard, take a handful of dry ice pellets,* drop them down each hole you find, cover the hole so the opening is sealed, and let the dry ice do the dirty work for you!

The dry ice will sublimate, or turn from a solid into a gas, displace the oxygen with carbon dioxide, and suffocate the moles and gophers. Using dry ice pellets provides a safe and effective way to kill the gophers. Not to mention, dry ice pellets will leave you with no mess to clean up.

*Be sure to visit our page for dry ice safe handling and note you can also purchase Styrofoam coolers and gloves to transport and handle the dry ice you’ll be using.