Have you purchased or rented an IceTech IT-3 kit but wondered what some of the items were used for? One such item may have been the IceTech IceSplitter. There are some dry ice blasting applications that net better results with more impacts per square inch of a smaller dry ice pellet than our standard 3mm high density blasting pellet provides. For applications such as these, the use of an IceTech IceSplitter creates salt-like textured pellets of multiple sizes to optimize your results. The size of the salt-like granule can be changed by selecting the desired size Splitternet. The Splitternets range in size from 1.0mm to 3.0mm in half millimeter increments.


The red arrow is pointing to the IceSplitter in this High Flow IT-3 kit of nozzles.

Typically, the IceSplitter is used in between the Ice Gun and the nozzle but can be used as an in-line splitter between blast hose lengths when working in tight spaces. The combination of nozzles, extensions and configurations are practically endless and are all adaptable to your specific applications and blasting environment.

There are many applications best suited to using split pellet. Fire and mold remediation are two areas where split pellet work especially well. Any seasoned contractor can contend that using full size pellets on wood can dimple and damage the wood you are trying to save. By using split pellet, the contractor can remove only the top layer of damaged wood, saving the wooden structure from ruin. Weld slag dust, wiring harnesses, release agents and common dirt, greases and oils are all some of the many applications that work best with split pellet.

Another positive of using split pellet is your dry ice consumption goes down drastically, saving you money on your blasting projects. By splitting the pellet into smaller fragments, you get more impacts per square inch per second than you do with full size pellets at the same ice feed rate. We often find that you get a better cleaning rate with less than half the pounds per minute when you use the IceSplitter.

Contact us if you think you could get better results using an ice splitter for your application.