One of our most popular questions around Halloween is how to make Witches’ Brew and how to get it to “steam.” Last year we posted a blog “Witches Brew Halloween Dry Ice Punch” with a recipe and directions on how to make it for your Halloween parties. This year we wanted to revisit this topic to give you another option and put a fresh spin on an old Halloween favorite!

In researching recipes, we came across Martha Stewart’s  idea to use root beer floats as witches’ brew and thought it was one worth sharing. You will need:2013 Witch Picture

  • One small punch bowl
  • One cauldron
  • Tongs or gloves to handle the dry ice safely
  • Root beer
  • Ice cream
  • Small amount of water
  • Dry ice, which can be found at any of our 40 distribution locations here

In order to make this version of witches’ brew, you must first place a small punch bowl inside of a cauldron. Then, pour your root beer into the smaller bowl and add your ice cream. For those of you who are feeling extra crafty this Halloween, you can even make your own homemade root beer to use in your witches’ brew! You can find a recipe and instructions on our website here.

The last step in making your witches’ brew should be done just before your guests arrive so your cauldron will be “steaming” when they enter the room. Pour a small amount of water in the cauldron, and then add some dry ice. You should note the hotter the water is, the more “steam” there will be but the faster the dry ice will sublimate, or turn from a solid into a gas. As the party goes on you may add a little bit more water and more dry ice to keep your brew “steaming.” A good rule of thumb is to use 3-5 lbs. of dry ice for 30 minutes of making your cauldron look like it is brewing something spooky.

We hope your witches’ brew is a hit this year! Happy Halloween!