Who doesn’t love a good witches brew on Halloween? And what is witches brew without a little dry ice fog?

Everyone has their own favorite recipes and one of our favorites is Martha Stewart’s. It is a root beer float witches brew and very simple to make.

What you will need:
• One Cauldron
• A small punch bowl
• Gloves or tong (to use while handling dry ice)
• Ice cream
• Water
• Dry Ice- located here

The first step in making our favorite witches brew is putting the small punch bowl into the cauldron. Next, you will place the ice cream and root beer into the punch bowl. Once you have all your ingredients in the punch bowl you are ready to create the fog effect. To do this you will need to add a small amount of water to the bottom of the cauldron then start placing dry ice into the water. As soon as the dry ice touches the water you will begin to see your fog. The hotter the water you use the more fog you create. On average creating the fog effect for 2-3 minutes takes 1 pound of dry ice.
As always, remember the safety guidelines when dealing with dry ice. Always wear gloves and keep the dry ice in a well ventilated area.