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Boat Hulls

Dry ice blasting keeps the hull of your boat free of debrisDry ice blasting advantages help sailors keep their boats ready for sea by speeding hull maintenance, reducing labor and saving cleanup costs.

Cleaning with dry ice saves labor by quickly removing surface blisters and hull fouling, disinfecting the hull surface, and removing failed hull paint. Dry ice blasting eliminates time-consuming hand scraping and sanding.

Dry ice blasting quickly removes slime and barnacles - a 40-foot sailboat can be cleaned in approximately six hours. Cleaning with dry ice is most effective if there is no epoxy layer of paint over the gel coat. Dry ice blasting machine also cleans propellers and running gear, saving even more time and labor. There is no messy cleanup of blasting media with dry ice blasting, as the dry ice pellets sublimate into carbon dioxide gas.

For best results, dry ice blasting should be tested on a small portion of the hull before proceeding to ensure the process is compatible with the hull construction.