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Buy Dry Ice - Commercial Users

Commercial Uses & Applications

Learn about the major industrial/commercial uses of dry ice and suggested dry ice ordering and shipping practices for each.

Types of Dry Ice

Interested in seeing all the different dry ice block and pellet sizes and a variety of packaging options for your commercial needs?

Food Grade Dry Ice

Dry ice is used to cool or freeze any type of food product must comply with food industry regulations. Learn how Continental Carbonic ensures the highest quality, food grade dry ice for our customers here.

Dry Ice Containers

One of the most important considerations for the commercial dry ice user is the quality of the insulated containers used to deliver the dry ice. Continental Carbonic offers the highest quality, best maintained containers in the industry. Learn about the containers we offer here.

Company Locations

Continental Carbonic has locations in the United States and Ontario, Canada creating one of the most extensive distribution networks in the dry ice industry. Find the location nearest you.

Delivery Options

Learn about different dry ice delivery options for our commercial customers.

Pricing & Supply Agreements

Learn about Continental Carbonic's competitive and stable pricing and the advantages of entering into fixed price product supply agreements.