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Buy Dry Ice - Consumers

Continental Carbonic offers cut block dry ice and pellet dry ice for sale to consumers.

Where to Buy

Continental Carbonic has dry ice locations in the U.S. and Ontario, Canada where the public can purchase dry ice on a walk-in basis.

Types of Dry Ice

Continental Carbonic sells solid dry ice blocks, cut block, and pellets to the public at over 40 locations.

Uses & Applications

Dry ice can be used in a wide variety of ways, including keeping perishables fresh, creating Halloween decorations, and conducting education experiments.

Shipping Information

Dry ice shipping information includes the advantages of shipping with dry ice, shipping regulations, and a guide for determining the correct purchase quantity. Continental Carbonic has Styrofoam™ coolers available at each location, which are an excellent method for shipping items with dry ice.

Safe Handling

Before you purchase dry ice, please read our dry ice safe handling guide.


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