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Brick Walls & Patios

How to clean brick using dry ice and dry ice blasting equipment from Continental Carbonic.Cleaning brick walls and patios with dry ice provides a non-abrasive solution to traditional cleaning methods, protecting brick and mortar.

Whether cleaning up new construction or removing stains, dirt or weathering from older brick, dry ice blasting has many advantages.

Pressure-washing can "blow out" fresh Type N mortar, the standard used for brick. With hard-to-remove stains, the temptation with pressure-washing is to crank up the pressure. This can quickly damage the brick and mortar.

Dry ice blasting is gentle enough to remove water stains, salt spots, mold, mildew, wasp nests, and bird droppings from brick walls easily and safely. Other advantages include:

  • One-pass cleaning, saving time and labor
  • Minimal residue cleanup - dry ice sublimates into gas
  • No hazmat disposal costs for used cleaning media
  • No hazmat training or protection needed for operators
  • No water mess to muddy up the job site
  • No damage to brick and mortar from excessive pressures
  • Less risk of damage during construction cleanup