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Dry Ice Blasting:


Water & Flood Damage

Flood damage is cleaned easily and effectively with dry ice blastingFlood cleanup with dry ice blasting saves labor and time. Cleaning with dry ice removes and controls all types of mold and sanitizes other biological contaminates, such as sewage residue, carried by the flooding. With dry ice blasting, operators can clean corners, crevices and voids, making dry ice blasting much faster than manual scraping. Dry ice blasting equipment is portable and can be moved easily inside damaged or flooded buildings.

Dry ice blasting or brushing is also non-abrasive, making it the ideal choice for restoration of woodwork, paintings, statuary, and stonework. The dry ice blast cleaning operator can adjust the nozzle velocity of the dry ice blasting equipment to gently brush delicate surfaces, such as paintings or antique leather book covers.