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Cold Caps for Chemotherapy Patients

Freeze cold caps by using dry ice from Continental Carbonic.Dry ice can help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Patients have found the use of super cooled "cold caps" to be an effective way to reduce or prevent hair loss.

Super cooled caps (-20 F to -30F) are worn before, during and after the actual intravenous chemotherapy treatment. The blood vessels beneath the skin on the scalp are narrowed reducing the amount of toxic chemical that reach the hair follicles.

The biggest obstacle is that the caps have to be used at a temperature that normal freezers do not reach. Patients are either required to gain access to a super cooled laboratory freezer or use dry ice.

A not for profit organization, The Rapunzel Project, is devoted to helping cancer patients understand this hair saving treatment. Advance Cold Caps® rents the cold caps.

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