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Cold Jet Aero 40FP Dry Ice Blasting Machine - New Technology. Proven Design.

Cold Jet Aero 40FP Dry Ice Blasting MachineCold Jet's mid-level machine, the Aero 40FP is a full pressure dry ice cleaning system that includes an upgraded radial feeding system and is aerodynamically improved to reduce wear and provide precision pulse-free feed rate control. The Aero 40FP has a compact motor that reduces weight and lowers power consumption over previous Aero 40 versions. The Aero 40FP also comes with standard features, previously only available as upcharges, like the panel mounted blast pressure regulator and 250 psi maximum blast pressure to maximize your cleaning capabilities. This upgraded design even also allows users to blast at pressures as low as 20 psi and use an optional precision kit with the i3 MicroClean applicator, blast hose, and nozzles for precision applications.


  • Aerodynamic loading reduces wear on pads and rotor, increasing machine life
  • Compact motor that reduces weight and lowers power consumption
  • Enhanced rotor that provides pulse-free consistent pellet flow and precision feed rate control
  • Full range of blast pressure
  • Onboard pressure regulator


  • Performance SureFlow System
  • Full range of pressure
  • Reliable pellet flow
  • Minimized sublimation
  • Minimal air/dry ice usage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe operation
  • Rugged and mobile
  • Most advanced nozzles
  • ESD (static control)
  • Precision set available to use MicroClean® i3 gun and nozzles

Our standard Aero 40FP dry ice blasting machine package features:

  • Performance applicator with light
  • 1" rubber blast hose with control cable; 20'
  • Bond cable collar; 1"
  • Static bond cable; 40'
  • Compressed air hose: 1"x25' with swivel
  • Choice of 1 nozzle with handle (upcharge for variable nozzle)
  • Nozzle hanger
  • Hose wrap (qty 2)
  • Hose carrier (qty 2)

Aero 40FP Dry Ice Blasting Machine Specifications:

  • Dimensions (inch/cm)
    • Length: 36 / 91
    • Width: 20 / 51
    • Height: 40 / 102
  • Weight: 257 lbs.
  • Hopper Capacity: 40 lbs.
  • Hopper Type: Isolated, insulated
  • Agitation: Performance; thumper, ramrods
  • Feeder: Advanced radial feeder
  • Rotor: Enhanced, coated steel
  • Blast Pressure Regulator
  • Dry Ice Consumption: 0 - 4.5 lbs./min, adjustable
  • Supply Air Pressure: 65 - 250 psi
  • Blast Pressure Range: 20 - 250 psi
  • Nozzle Air Consumption Range: 50 - 165 CFM at 80 psi
  • Compressed Air Connection: 1" NPT
  • Power Consumption: 1/4 HP, AC Motor, 1.750 RPM


Cold Jet Aero 40FP Brochure

Cold Jet Aero 40FP Owner's Manual