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Cold Jet Aero 80FP Dry Ice Blasting Machine - Premium technology. Proven design.

Cold Jet Aero 80FP Dry Ice Blasting MachineCold Jet's top-of-the-line machine, the Aero 80FP is a full pressure dry ice cleaning system that includes brand new radial feeding system technology with aerodynamic loading to reduce wear on pads and rotor; utilizes a compact motor that reduces weight and lowers power consumption; includes an enhanced rotor that provides pulse-fee blasting and precision feed rate control; and has an onboard pressure regulator. Customized with accessories that will provide the best clean for your environment, the Aero 80FP provides premium technology in a proven design.


  • Aerodynamic loading reduces wear on pads and rotor, increasing machine life
  • Compact motor that reduces weight and lowers power consumption
  • Enhanced rotor that provides pulse-free consistent pellet flow and precision feed rate control
  • Full range of blast pressure
  • Onboard pressure regulator


  • Advanced SureFlow System
  • Full range of pressure
  • Reliable pellet flow
  • Tilt-out hopper
  • Deluxe accessory package
  • Minimized sublimation
  • Minimal air/dry ice usage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe operation
  • Rugged and mobile
  • Most advanced nozzles
  • ESD (static control)

Our Standard Aero 80FP package features: 

  • Heavy duty applicator with light
  • 1" rubber blast hose with control cable; 20'
  • Bond cable collar; 1"
  • Static bond cable; 40'
  • Compressed air hose; 1"x25' with swivel
  • Choice of 1 nozzle with handle (upcharge for variable nozzle)
  • Pivoting universal hose hanger
  • Nozzle hanger (qty 2)
  • Hose wrap (qty 2)
  • Hose carrier (qty 2)
  • Cord hanger
  • Extension cord, 110 Volt
  • Retractable static ground reel
  • Dry ice recycling bag


  • Dimensions (inch/cm)
    • Length: 43 / 109
    • Width: 20 / 52
    • Height: 46 / 118
  • Weight: 389 lbs.
  • Hopper Capacity: 80 lbs.
  • Hopper Type: Isolated, insulated, tilt-out
  • Agitation: Advanced; thumper, ramrods, 2x electric vibrators
  • Feeder: Advanced radial feeder
  • Rotor: Enhanced, coated stainless steel
  • Blast Pressure Regulator: Internal
  • Dry Ice Consumption: 0 - 7 lbs./min, adjustable
  • Supply Air Pressure: 65 - 300 psi
  • Blast Pressure Range: 20 - 300 psi
  • Nozzle Air Consumption Range: 50 - 165 CFM at 80 psi
  • Compressed Air Connection: 1" NPT
  • Power Consumption: 1/2 HP, AC Motor, 1,750 RPM

Cold Jet Aero 80FP Brochure

Cold Jet Aero 80FP Operator Manual