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Cold Jet SDI Select 60 Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Cold Jet SDI Select 60 Dry ice cleaning continues to become the preferred method for environmental cleaning and surface preparation across an increasing number of industries. Cold Jet remains ahead of the curve with the SDI Select™ 60, a dry ice cleaning system that offers the value of delicate cleaning and high-level aggression all in one frame.

Designed with application variability and ever-changing industry demands in mind, the SDI Select 60™ can navigate the dry ice cleaning spectrum with ease.

Showcasing Cold Jet's patented shaved dry ice technology, the SDI Select™ 60 can clean large surfaces of thin, hard contaminant, without damaging the substrate. When faced with heavier contaminants, simply adjust the dry ice type, machine settings and nozzle to turn up the aggression.


  • Shave with any dry ice media (block, slices, pellet, 3 mm high density pellet)
  • Clean from as low as 50 CFM, using 1/3 of the compressed air, thus reducing noise levels and air usage vs. alternative dry ice cleaning systems
  • Increase blast pressure up to 250 psi to clean the most stubborn contaminants
  • Choose from any Aero nozzle or accessory to maximize flexibility
  • Precision set available to use i3 gun and nozzles

Our Standard SDI Select™ 60 Dry Ice Blasting Machine package features:

  • Applicator with light
  • 1" Silicone blast hose with control cable; 20'
  • Bond cable collar, silicone; 1"
  • Pivoting, universal hose hanger
  • Compressed air hose: 1"x25' with swivel
  • Choice of one nozzle with handle (upcharge for variable nozzle)
  • Hose carrier (qty 2)
  • Hose wrap (qty 2)
  • Static bond cable; 40'
  • Nozzle hanger

SDI Select™ 60 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: inch/cm
    • Length: 24 / 61
    • Width: 28 / 71
    • Height: 43 / 109
  • Weight: 343 lbs. without pressure regulator
  • Weight: 365 lbs. with optional pressure regulator
  • Hopper Capacity: 60 lbs. (block), 50 lbs. (pellet)
  • Hopper Dimensions: 10"x10"x12"
  • Dry Ice Consumption: 0 - 6 lbs./min, adjustable
  • Supply Air Pressure: 65 - 250 psi
  • Blast Pressure Range: 65 - 250 psi without pressure regulator. 20 - 250 psi with optional pressure regulator
  • Air Consumption Range: 50 - 215 CFM at 80 psi for standard nozzles
  • Compressed Air Connection: 1" NPT



SDI Select™ 60 Brochure

SDI Select™ 60 Owner's Manual