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Dry Ice Blasting:


Freight Containers

Expensive shipping containers can be easily cleaned for re-use with dry ice blasting.Dry ice blasting protects costly container investments, makes a good impression with customers, and saves time and money compared to other cleaning methods.

Cleaning with dry ice enables the fast and effective removal of dirt and old labels from reusable freight containers. Dry ice blasting uses pellets of dry ice propelled by compressed air to remove labels, adhesive residue, and soil from containers. The dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide gas upon contact with the surface to be cleaned. The chilling effect of dry ice hardens soft adhesive films, easing their removal by the abrasive action of the pellet stream.

Other mechanical removal methods can heat the surface, making the old adhesive soft, gooey, and tough to remove cleanly. Dry ice blasting leaves no abrasive grit, hazardous solvents, or gallons of water to clean up after the cleaning. With non-abrasive dry ice cleaning, containers won't be damaged, extending useful life.