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Dry Ice Physical Properties & Safety Data Sheet - SDS

Dry Ice Technical Specifications

Physical properties

Property Value
Formula CO2
Molecular Weight 44.01
Appearance Colorless, odorless gas; colorless liquid, or white opaque solid (dry ice)
Density Solid (Dry Ice) 97.5189 lb./ft.3 at -109.3° F
Density Liquid 63.69 lb./ft.3 at 0° F
Density Gas 0.1234 lb./ft.3 at 32° F
Melting Point -69.9° F, 75.1 PSIA
Boiling Point -109.3° F (Sublimes)
Triple Point -69.9° F, 75.1 PSIA
Critical Temperature 87.8° F
Critical Pressure 1069.4 PSIA
Critical Density 28.9519 lb./ft.3
Specific Heat Gas 0.1989 BTU/lb. ° F (60° F)
Specific Heat Liquid 0.53 BTU/lb. ° F (0° F)
Ratio of Heat Capacities 1.3
Latent Heat of Fusion (Triple Point) 85 BTU/lb. (69.9° F)
Latent Heat of Vaporization (Liquiflow) 122 BTU/lb. (0° F)
Latent Heat of Sublimation (Dry Ice) 246 BTU/lb. (-110° F)
Viscosity Gas 0.015 Centipoises (32° F)
Viscosity Liquid 0.14 Centipoises (0° F)
Thermal Conductivity Gas 0.0085 BTU ft./ft.2 ° F Hr. (32° F)
Thermal Conductivity Liquid 0.11 BTU ft./ft.2 ° F Hr. (0° F)
Surface Tension (Liquid) 8.23 Dynes/cm (0° F)
Solubility in H2O 1.79 ft.3 CO2 Gas/ft.3 H2O(32° F)


A Safety Data Sheet is available for dry ice.

To download this information please, click the link below.

Dry Ice SDS

Letter of Guarantee - Pellet

Letter of Guarantee - Block

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