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Types of Dry Ice

Continental Carbonic produces three sizes of dry ice pellets - regular, rice, and blasting pellets.

Pellet Dry Ice

 dry ice standard size pellets  dry ice rice pellets  
Dry Ice Regular Pellets
3/4" diameter
Dry Ice Rice Pellets
1/4" diameter
Dry Ice Blasting Pellets
1/8" diameter


Continental Carbonic produces dry ice blocks which we typically cut to standard specifications. The standard cut block sizes are shown below.

Block Dry Ice

 solid block dry ice  cut block dry ice  cut block dry ice
10x10x12 Full Block 5x5x10 Cut 2x5x5 Cut


 cut dry ice blocks  packaged cut dry ice blocks  packaged dry ice block
2x5x10 Cut 2x10x10 Cut 7/8x5x5 Airport Cut


Dry ice can be packaged in cardboard boxes, canvas bags or in poly bags with or without a consumer warning label. See the photo gallery below for packaging options: