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Dry Ice

Dry Ice for Commercial Use

As a leading manufacturer of dry ice in the country, Continental Carbonic provides food grade dry ice to businesses, colleges and universities, and government institutions that rely on a steady supply of high quality dry ice for ongoing operations. All types of dry ice including pellet, standard cuts, and blasting dry ice  are available in a wide variety of packaging options. Continental Carbonic has 50 facilities strategically located throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada to ensure timely shipments.

Dry Ice for Consumer Use

Continental Carbonic sells dry ice to consumers on a retail cash-and-carry basis at a majority of our facilities. (Walk-in dry ice service is not available in Martinez, CA or Washington, IN.) Dry ice is available in block, cut block, or pellet form and Styrofoam™ coolers are available for purchase at each location. Facilities are open Monday through Friday during normal business hours, but emergency orders can be placed at any time including nights, weekends, and holidays. Also, large orders can be placed in advance and scheduled for delivery.

Why Continental Carbonic?

Founded in 1976, Continental Carbonic has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of dry ice in the United States. Learn more about the advantages of buying from us including our "True & Honest Weights" and superior shipping containers that minimize sublimation.

About Dry Ice

Visit this section for information about dry ice, including technical specifications, downloadable Safety Data Sheets and how dry ice is produced.