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Find a Frozen Food Shipping Partner with Continental Carbonic

Ship cupcakes and other food with dry ice.Do you make the best cupcakes in the county?  Or is your farm’s delicious ham in demand from customers living three states away?  If so, you may be considering starting or expanding frozen food shipment via online ordering.  Continental Carbonic can help connect you with companies who can take away the headache of order fulfillment.

As a small business owner, your main focus is on producing and selling your product.  At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is head to your local dry ice reseller, attempt to calculate the amount of dry ice needed, and turn your garage into a makeshift shipping center. 

By working with a fulfillment company, you can turn fulfillment into a turnkey advantage for your frozen food shipping business, instead of a daily annoyance.  Companies that specialize in fulfillment offer the following advantages:

  • Save shipping costs – fulfillment companies can offer volume shipping discounts whether you are shipping 10 or 1000 orders a week
  • Add credibility to your product with professional packing and shipping
  • Stop guessing – fulfillment companies are experts in determining accurate postage, dry ice quantity and container size
  • Potentially improve quality by integrating your customer orders with the fulfillment company, allowing for quick and error-free turnaround and daily reporting
  • Avoid upfront investment in packaging equipment
  • Capture last minute PR or promotional opportunities – a fulfillment company can handle varying volumes without missing a beat

Working with a food fulfillment company is a turnkey process for your frozen food shipping business.  Contact us today to discuss which fulfillment company that we do business with can help you increase your business!