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Food Grade Dry Ice

Dry ice used to cool or freeze any type of food product must comply with food industry regulations. Continental Carbonic's manufacturing processes ensure that our dry ice is "food grade" for customers in the airline catering, meat processing, food shipping and other industries where the highest sanitary conditions are necessary.

Continental Carbonic has developed several standard operating procedures to insure that all the dry ice it produces is food grade quality. Shrouds cover all pellet production equipment to prevent contamination during production. Continental Carbonic also videotapes and maintains records by container serial number for all dry ice production and frequently tests liquid CO2 and dry ice purity to ensure food grade dry ice quality. Finally, all production equipment and insulated shipping containers are routinely cleaned.

All food grade customers receive their dry ice in insulated, stainless steel-lined containers. The stainless-steel lined containers maximize the sanitary condition of the container while minimizing loss of dry ice to sublimation. Continental Carbonic thoroughly washes all stainless steel dry ice containers each time they are returned to our plants. We also apply SurfaSan, a bacterial sanitizer, to all stainless steel containers. Before and after test results from a third party analytic testing service show a significant reduction in cfu/swab in containers that have been treated with SurfaSan.