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Get Rid of Moths

How to get rid of moths using dry ice from Continental Carbonic.Get rid of moths that cause damage to woolens and silks using dry ice. Dry ice placed in "contractor" trash bags can fumigate moths, moth eggs, and larvae, without using harmful chemicals. Just follow the steps below and make sure to follow all dry ice safe handling precautions:

  • Place woolens and silks to be fumigated in heavy (3mm) plastic bags.
  • Using gloves, wrap 2-3 pounds of dry ice (per 30-gallon bag) in a large rag or old T-shirt.
  • Place the dry ice inside the bag with the clothes or other items to be fumigated.
  • Tie the bag loosely with a twist tie. Seal the bag loosely enough that carbon dioxide gas can escape as the dry ice sublimates. Do not create an air tight seal!

The moths, eggs, and larvae will suffocate as the oxygen is displaced. When the dry ice has completely sublimated, seal the bag tightly and store the bagged items. Tight sealing of the storage bag after fumigation is important as tiny clothes moth larvae still outside the bag could crawl inside.